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    Here’s what clients say about us

    Great clinic Great Doctor, and not overly expensive.
    Alexander Ergesi
    20:46 19 Oct 18
    Always had great service in 20+ years of care.
    Ghislain Cormier
    16:04 19 Jul 18
    Great clinic! Great service
    Jf Cormier
    13:53 07 Jun 17
    ECOS Online Videos
    13:52 07 Jun 17
    I required a difficult molar extraction. This clinic combines comforting patient care with a high degree of expertise. I would not hesitate to take any and all dental issues to this clinic.
    Mark Abriel
    14:29 23 Feb 22
    Buctouche Dental was new to me within the past year or so. Yes, the front person who takes your info could come across as cold and unfriendly but after being there a few times, discover she's very nice, just not fake and gets the job done. I loved my dentist, Thurrotts' bedside manner and the point. The few things I had done there, cleaning, x-rays, etc...all went well and the staff were respectful and I feel totally comfortable there.
    R G
    18:26 05 Feb 23